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U.S. Civil War Era to 1880

Documents Online from the U.S Civil War era to 1880.

NARA through footnote now displays original historical documents from the pre through post Civil War era (circa 1860 – 1880.)

1860 Federal Census (Unique – Interactive – You are able to claim ancestors and post additional information on the actual census page images, for others to share.)

Note; The 1860 Federal census lists the names of all persons in the household, and it is an era that is just before the big war which caused many families to split up and migrate on. 1860 is a very important census.

Additional Civil War Era documents may be found in:

Admiralty Records, Key West ***
American Milestone Documents (free)
American Colonization Society (free)
Brady Civil War Photographs (free)
Navy Survivor’s Certificates ***
Civil War Pensions Index ***
(Note: a great source for genealogy clues.)
Confederate Papers ***
Confederate Amnesty Papers ***
Confederate Soldier Service Records ***
Custer’s Court martial (free)
Domestic Letters of the Department of State (free)
Lincoln Assassination Papers (free)
London Times (1785-1905) ***
Navy Widow’s Certificates ***
Passport Applications (1795-1905) ***
Pennsylvania Archives (free)
Ratified Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (free)
Southern Claims Commission ***
Utah Territorial Case Files ***

Note: *** = requires subscription.
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The collection of digitized original historical documents is approaching 40 million at this time. is in no way connected with the National Archives. The official website for NARA is

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